Woven Labels In Today’s Marketplace

Woven labels have come a long way since the Meiji period when they were imported from London. These first labels were only sewn into high-end clothing and were woven manually. Today, labels are woven by machines, making them so affordable that most articles of clothing have a label of some kind. Woven labels are also an inexpensive way to advertise a company logo on a garment.

The variety of woven labels available today is extensive. Manufacturers are able to produce many sizes, shapes, colors, and fonts to meet their customers’ needs. These labels may be sewn or ironed on. Some even come with a peel and stick backing. Woven labels can attach to almost any fabric, including more difficult to work with fabrics such as silk and leather.

Mostly used to tag clothing, woven labels are often sewn into seams, collars, or hems. Generally, they display a company name or logo, as well as other important information about the garment. Sizing, care instructions, fabric type, and where the garment was made, are the

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