What’s In A Note

Classical music is an often under appreciated art by the current generation. Today rap and hip hop are all the rage. There are still many people however, who appreciate the elegance and passion of the classic composers. Classical compositions are like a finely tuned dance of notes which can convey a wide range of emotions in just a few steps.

In our modern age we have the advantage of having access to classical sheet music like never before. There are countless sources online that offer to either mail you a hard copy or download it and print if off from the comfort of your own home. If downloading makes you uneasy, you can still go down to the local music shop and browse whatever selection is available there as well. This could work best if you don’t have a particular piece in mind.

Weather you love Beethoven’s symphonies or lean toward the sonnets by Pachelbel you can find copies of just about any of your favorite masterpieces if you look hard enough. Most sources will offer a wide range of sheet music available at all skill levels for multiple instruments. For many pieces a piano or violin can capture the refinement of a song. Other times adding a flute accompaniment or combing the piano and violin can add a certain depth to the music. Weather you are a beginner just learning about the classical composers or are an advanced student of the arts wanting a new challenge you should be able to find the arrangement that will best fit your needs.

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