What Is Taught At Drivers Ed

New drivers often go through drivers education or drivers ed classes in school as part of the process of learning how to drive. In accordance with this, several items are taught to students who are attempting to get their license. The drivers ed course typically begins with a course describing the rules of the road in the location where the student will get their license. Common and uncommon laws are discussed, as well as the typical violations associated with each violation and how your license can get taken away as well as the penalties with each violation that you commit. In addition, the impact of both drugs and alcohol on your ability to drive are also analyzed in order to illustrate the harm that they can cause both your life as well as those that they cause other people’s lives. This is often considered one of the more important aspects of a drivers ed program due to the impact that fatalities from drunk driving have on the world.

The next portion of a drivers ed course that is in effect is a program designed to actually have a student practice driving a car. Four students are typically put in one vehicle with a teacher and a large sign indicating that they are a student and they drive around being instructed on how to drive. Each student has a turn and the instructor has a wheel and brake combo that can override the controls of the student. This hands on instruction is what actually helps a student learn how to drive and is invaluable as a learning tool. More info: drivers ed Highland Park

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