What Are Private Schools?

In many countries parents have the choice of rejecting the public school system by sending their children to private schools. Even though most public schools offer great educational systems, some parents choose to take the private school route because it is looked at as being more prestigious.

These schools do not receive any funding from the government; therefore they are allowed to have exclusivity. They have the right to reject students based on any reason they find appropriate. The tuition at private schools may be expensive, depending on how exclusive and prestigious it is. Plenty of these schools do offer scholarships though for outstanding students, sporting athletes, or artists.

Private schools are offered for all levels of education. From as early as preschool to as high as college, there is a private school available. There are some subcategories to the private schools, such as the religious ones. Religious based schools are also considered private schools due to the lack of government f More info: Private School Whitter

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