Summer 2012, A Great Time For Movies In San Antonio

Summer 2012 is a great time for some great new movie releases, and San Antonio is a great place to see these great new movie releases. This summer’s movie venue has something for everyone. Some of the favorites are The Avengers, That’s My Boy, Rock of Ages and Madagascar.

The Avengers are part of the Marvel comic book heroes set. This action-packed movie is fun for old and young alike. Don’t expect the Avengers themselves to always see eye to eye. They’re certainly on the same page when they’re fighting villains and crime. But their personal preference for their own style and strategies of getting the job done keep the movie interesting and the plot and action always in a state of flux. You’ll love seeing how the Avengers try to put personal feelings aside for the good of the whole.

That’s My Boy is a crazy, kooky movie about a 1980’s star who’s a down and out has-been in need of some dough. Adam Sandler comes through with his exasperating and yet loveable antics. If you’re looking for a good time with a lot of laughs, That’s My Boy is right for you.

If you love rock music and groupies with some straight-laced fun thrown in, you’ll like Rock of Ages. If you love Tom Cruise, you’ll love Rock of Ages. Cruise plays the part of rock star Jaxx to a T. He’s loud, he’s good, he’s egotistical, he’s adored. The cast is all-star, the music is loud, the plot is silly. The movie is a great time.

This Madagascar is even before than the others. Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria become part of a failing circus, save the circus, make new friends. . . . .You’ve just got to see it. The same humor keeps going strong. Enjoy Madagascar with you’re kids. You’ll love it, too.
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