See An Orthodontist For Invisalign NYC

Perfectly straight, white teeth are a highly sought after characteristic by most people in the world. Everyone wants a smile that will catch attention and earn smiles in return, but not everyone is genetically blessed with teeth that are straight. In fact, a majority of people are afflicted with crooked teeth, have gaps between teeth or have an over or under bite. There are affordable ways to fix a crooked smile, including invisalign NYC.

Invisalign is a fairly new form of traditional braces, which serve to straighten teeth over time. The difference is in the appearance. Traditional braces rely on metal pieces adhered to the surface of each tooth with unsightly wires between them. These wires are tightened or loosened by an orthodontist, as needed, to force the teeth to move into a desired position. The process can be uncomfortable and can take years to achieve desired results.

With Invisalign, however, the aesthetic issues involved with straightening teeth are gone. Invisalign is for all purposes totally invisible. It involves a person being fitted with a perfectly clear, plastic retainer-like device that slowly helps move the teeth into a proper position. The only downside is that you must return to the orthodontist regularly to be re-fitted for a new clear retainer as your teeth move. In addition, Invisalign cannot be used on individuals with severely crooked teeth.

There is no reason why your smile must remain crooked. Visit an orthodontist today to see what can be done to straighten your smile. Choose braces or Invisalign and smile with confidence once again. More info: Invisalign NYC

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