Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In NJ

Minimally invasive spine surgery is an endoscopic procedure that uses specially designed mini video cameras and instruments that are passed through tiny incisions that are no wider than two centimeters in the patients back, chest or abdomen to gain access to the spine to complete the needed surgery.

Endoscopic operations have been administered to patients for many years, but for specific diagnostic purposes only. In the late seventies and early eighties, endoscopic methods were improved so that both a diagnosis could be completed and the problem could be properly treated. These same endoscopic methods have been used in other surgical techniques and now have been advanced to spine disorder surgeries.

In some cases of deteriorated discs, curving of the spine, spinal tumor in the spine, back fractures and herniated discs, minimally invasive operations may offer quicker recovery times, minimize operative pain after surgery and improve the overall outcome of the operation.

Minimally invasive spine surgery provides many benefits over the tradition open spine operation, which usually means larger incisions, heavier doses anesthesia, and an increased hospital visit which comes with a extended recovery period.

Many physicians in New Jersey offer spinal health services are board certified physicians in orthopedic operations, neurosurgery. Like other states, the staff in New Jersey that accompanies a physician are qualified and skilled in radiology, pain management and physical medication and spinal rehabilitation. As this type of procedure is constantly to progressing, New Jersey researchers conduct studies which looks into new medications that aid in spinal treatment procedures, in hopes of taken the operation the the next level. More info: minimally invasive spine surgery NJ

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