Invisalign Vs Traditional Wired Braces

Before you get traditional wired braces, consider getting the Invisaligns. They use a process that will gradually straightening the teeth over time. You will receive aligner trays that will slowly shift your teeth right into place. The process is painless and will not hurt your gums.

You orthodontist will set up a plan that will for work your teeth. There is absolutely no wiring and tightening involved. The invisalaign will blend in and no one will even know that you have them on your teeth. The orthodontist will give you are set of alignment trays that you will wear two weeks at a time. You take the tray out and replace it with a new one. Just continue this process until the teeth are finally straight. If you want more information about Invisalign and the entire teeth straightening process. Contact an orthodontist or your family dentist for additional information about Invisalign.
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