Information About Silicone Caulk

There are many brands of silicone caulk to choose from on the market these days. These brands are mostly very similar in cost. Most silicone caulking is mold and water resistant, but it is best to read the packaging to make sure before purchasing the item. Silicone caulk is available in various colors to help blend in with your decor. This is nice when you can have it match the background of the area where the caulk is going. It gives it a finished appearance. Silicone caulk is not expensive and cost just a few bucks at the most. It is well worth the cost knowing that you are saving money in unexpected repairs that may arise.

Silicone caulk is easy to apply to areas around your sink, tub, or shower. If you have any old dried up caulk in these areas it will need to be removed before applying the new caulk. You can use a putty knife or another tool with a flat edge to remove the old caulk. When the caulk has been removed and the area is wiped clean, apply a new line of caulk to the area. Try to go slow when

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