Gold Plated Silver Jewelry

People on a budget that love the rich appearance of yellow gold often find themselves left unsatisfied during visits to the jewelry counter. There are some options for them now that premier designers are creating more gold plated silver jewelry. These are much more affordable and offer buyers the same look that they covet on the expensive side of the case.

Where to Buy Gold Plated Jewelry

You can find plated jewelry just about anywhere. It is for sale at almost every discount store jewelry counter across the country for prices that rival online retailers. Most auction sites sell used pieces for pennies on the dollar. Many department stores and specialty shops also carry a wide selection. Costume jewelry and low-cost statement jewelry also rely on gold plating for a bit of extra bling.

Caring for Gold Plated Jewelry

The sterling silver that the gold protects is easy to clean if there is any oxidation. That being said, it is important to treat plated jewelry as if it were costume jewelry if you want it to last a long time. The gold wears off with repeated use and reveals the silver beneath. This may not be visually apparent if the gold is white, but yellow gold is an eyesore when it rubs away.

Treat your jewelry gently and wash it with a mild soap in warm water. Using a gold cleaner can damage the silver if any is showing through the gold coating. Have it plated at a local jeweler if you find any bare spots in the gold overlay.

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