Fasting With Vegetable Juice

A raw juice cleanse is simply a way of fasting. There is no better way to get your body healthy than to fast. Fasting has been a part of religious practice for thousands of years, and now modern science has been able to verify that fasting does have its benefits. This is especially true with people living in the industrialized nations of the world; most notably the United States. A diet of processed food contains chemicals that someone eating whole foods would never be exposed to. By fasting, your body has a chance to purge itself of the excess build up of toxins in the blood, organs, and digestive system.

Many people have traditionally fasted by not eating, although they will take in a certain amount of water. Modern research has found the importance of drinking water and your health, so when you fast, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Most people can only go three days without water, but sickness and damage to your health will happen before then. Always drink plenty of water.

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