Exterior Building Materials

There are a number of exterior items builders can add to a home when it is being constructed. The home builders Greenville residents can contract to build their new home will work with them to create the type of exterior the owners want to have. The materials available for the outer surfaces of a house include aluminum and vinyl siding, wooden boards, brick and natural stone. The material selected by the homeowner will affect the overall cost of having the house built. This choice will also affect how much care the homeowner will need to use in maintaining the exterior of the home.

Natural stone and brick can be combined with other materials to create a special effect on the house. When these materials are combined with wood or siding, the brick or stone is generally placed on the lower sections of the house. On a two story home the brick and stone can be placed to cover the entire first story. Other items found on the exterior of a house include the trim used for the doors and windows. This can be made of wood or vinyl. The new vinyl frames are designed to hold their shape when the seasons change so they are classified as being energy efficient products.

Homes can also have porches and balconies added to them, which could require the use of additional wooden planks, railings and cement. Porches placed at ground level can be made of cement, while balconies found on upper stories will be constructed using sheets of aluminum and wood.

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