Buying Your First Horse

Buying a horse, especially the first one, can be a terribly exciting time in someone’s life. Many people have to wait years to get their first horse. There is so much to learn, and the journey continues even after one is a horse owner.

When considering purchasing a horse, new horse owners would be wise to seek out the help of someone who is familiar with horses. A local trainer or riding instructor might be a good person to ask to come along when looking at potential horses. Overall, the people in the equine community are a great bunch of folks, however, once in awhile a horse trader may not be trustworthy. Horses are large, powerful animals and can be dangerous if not properly handled and trained. New horse owners may not know what to look for, where a professional might spot potential issues.

Doing some research ahead of time will help buyers know what breed of horse they might want. If they are interested in showing the horse, they will want to look for a breed that is suitable for the type of showing they have in mind. If trail riding is in the future, certain breeds are more suited for trail use. There are many horse breeds and potential horse owners may want to narrow their choices down to a few before going out to look at horses.

Other considerations that should be taken before purchasing a horse are the many expenses involved in horse ownership. People often ask how much it costs to buy a horse. The cost of a horse will vary considerably depending on the breed and training. The costs that should be considered are; boarding if the horse is not going to live at home, farrier costs for hoof trims or shoes, vet costs, feed costs, and the cost of needed tack and supplies. Responsible horse owners know that there are ongoing costs involved in owning a horse, and they must keep these costs in mind.

Horses are magnificent creatures and owning one can be an experience that enhances someone’s life. Finding the right horse might take time, but will be worth every minute spent looking.
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