Buy Targeted Traffic

Starting up a website can be a tough thing to do; you could have an awesome layout, top notch content, but no one may ever see it! Why would you put all of that hard work to waste when your website could be useful to many? This is were buying targeted traffic can come into play. There are many ways that you can do this.
Some search engines will allow you to enter their program where you allot so much money to spend per day or month. You will be able to place advertisements on the side of the search engine, so your page may come up under the first page under a certain keyword, and people will finally get to visit your website! You will have to pay a certain amount each time someone clicks to go on your webpage but if they enjoy it, then they will most likely come back and tell their friends about it. This can take some time, but eventually you will have enough people coming back where you may not have to buy targeted traffic anymore.
Also, there are social networking sites where you can buy traffic as

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