Advantages And Disadvantages Of Type J Thermocouples

Thermocouples are widely used for converting a temperature gradient into electricity. Thermocouple is able to measure a wide range of temperature and so it is used in industrial purposes. If a thermal gradient is applied to a conductor with two dissimilar metals, a voltage will be generated. This voltage will be proportional to the temperature difference between either ends of the conductors. Construction of thermocouples is quite easy.

Thermocouples do not require any external power and they can be easily operated in any harsh environment. Thermocouples are generally used in plastic injection molding machinery, plating baths, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, liquid temperature measurement, oven temperature control, medical equipment, industrial heat treating, pipe tracing control etc.

Type j thermocouple is mainly made of positive iron wire and negative constantan wire. Superior voltage output and wide measurement range are some of the advantages of type j thermocouples. Higher voltage

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